Your Charleston SEO Company Looks Into Algorithm Rumors

///Your Charleston SEO Company Looks Into Algorithm Rumors


Charleston Website Designers Anticipate 2015 Trends

Charleston website designers spend so much time thinking about how websites look, perform, and respond that they recognize trends in the industry as they grow and fade. Some of those trends are hard to explain—they’re apparently simply fads or the result of designers copying an idea that they saw on a popular website. Usually, though, design trends grow out of deeper concerns. Here are a few that we see getting more important in 2015, and how they can benefit your company:

1. Less is More

If you visit a new website created recently by industry-leading Charleston website designers, chances are you will not see dozens of stock photos, complicated menu bars, or long paragraphs of text on the home page. There’s a strong trend toward simplicity, which makes the page look much cleaner and allows the reader to summarize the website within seconds. A typical home page might show a single phrase in large font, a minimal amount of artwork, and some small buttons at the top that can expand to invite the reader into the rest of the site.

2. Artwork is Important

On the other hand, creativity in the photos, illustrations, and videos that appear on a website is becoming more important. Stock photographs instantly make a website look professional, but they have become very commonplace at this point, and often popular stock photos appear on multiple sites in the same industry. Customized photos and drawings ratchet up the attractiveness of any site.

3. Mobile-Friendly is King

Concerns about websites’ appearances on mobile devices is probably the largest single factor that will drive 2015 website design trends. Charleston website designers, for instance, often choose to make a home page very long from top to bottom, requiring the reader to scroll down to see everything on the page. This is ideal for mobile phones and tablets, and it actually looks great on a computer screen as well!


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