Web Design Service in Charleston, SC Looks at a New Campaign Website

One of the ways that a web design service in Charleston, SC can get ideas for future projects (and identify mistakes to avoid!) is by examining new websites that hit the Internet. Different companies, nonprofits, and other groups try different approaches to attracting and converting visitors, and we can watch those groups to see what practices we would do well to adopt. With that in mind, let’s take a look at an extremely prominent website that just went up to see what we can learn:

This Website Will Expire in November 2016

HillaryClinton.com will be a busy place, but not for any longer than a year and a half. As a political campaign website, it has a few goals that are different from those of the typical business:

  • Solicit donations
  • Promote an individual, not sell a product
  • Accomplish a time-sensitive goal: get the candidate elected as President in November 2016

On the other hand, it also shares some goals with the typical business:

  • Unify a social media campaign with a primary website
  • Funnel visitors toward conversion with minimal distractions along the way
  • Stay fresh with frequent updates and reasons to revisit the website

You’ll Never Have This Kind of Name Recognition

Of course, there was never any question that lots of people would visit this website once it went live, no matter what it looked like. Your business can’t count on the instant name recognition boost that Hillary Clinton enjoys, so it must capitalize on keyword phrases related to your company that are popular with searchers. Your web design service in Charleston, SC can show you what terms people are already searching for and how you can place your business squarely in their sights. In our next article, our web design service in Charleston, SC will look at the ways HillaryClinton.com ties its various social media outlets into its website. Just having a URL to call home isn’t enough for your business any more!


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