Your Charleston SEO Company Looks Into Algorithm Rumors

///Your Charleston SEO Company Looks Into Algorithm Rumors


Your Charleston SEO Company Looks Into Algorithm Rumors

What is Google doing? That’s the million-dollar question during practically every week of the year, quite literally for some industries. When Google makes even a slight adjustment to its search engine algorithms, it has a drastic effect on the rankings of various websites. Here’s what makes things really difficult for a Charleston SEO company, though: Google doesn’t always make a public statement about its changes or even admit to making them at all! SEO experts usually have to “reverse engineer” the algorithm changes by looking at the results and figuring out what Google changed.

Did It Change or Didn’t It?

At the moment, tech experts are not even certain that Google implemented a significant algorithm change within the last month or so, although there is a growing consensus that it did. Google representatives dodge the question by asserting that they are always making small changes to the algorithms, but the changes that your local Charleston SEO company has seen lately seem to be the result of a larger adjustment.

Anticipating Human Error

The main change that we’re seeing lately concerns an age-old problem in Web searching: misspelling brand names. Some names are difficult to spell, and getting it wrong in the search box could lead you to a spam website built specifically to entrap poor spellers! It seems that Google is now trying to anticipate those mistakes and compensate for them by directing the searcher toward the brand name he meant to enter.

Why Conceal Algorithm Updates?

You may wonder—why does Google purposefully avoid announcing algorithm changes? Why don’t they have mercy on the Charleston SEO company and simply say what they’re doing? One major reason is that Google doesn’t want SEO managers to tailor their content to cater to the search engines; they want them to concentrate on producing reader-friendly, valuable content instead. The algorithm changes are meant to benefit that kind of content, rewarding companies that have already been following best practices.


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