Social Media Thoughts from the Charleston Web Development Experts

///Social Media Thoughts from the Charleston Web Development Experts

Social Media Thoughts from the Charleston Web Development Experts

In our last article, we told you a little about the new Presidential campaign website Today, we’d like to show you how Charleston web development clients can learn from the way this site works to create a network based on social media. The main campaign website is really only a part of that network, a pattern that more and more businesses are adopting as a great online marketing strategy.

Make Social Media Count

Scroll to the bottom of Hillary Clinton’s mobile-friendly campaign site, and you’ll be presented with no less than three opportunities to engage on social media. This doesn’t come across as overwhelming to the site visitor, because only three different social media platforms are offered. The campaign has apparently chosen a “less is more” strategy, limiting its promotion to Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

Charleston web development pros can learn something important from the way the campaign operates those accounts: They are very active! New Tweets appear about every hour, which is probably more often than the average business would opt for. But the core lesson is that those social media accounts stay in contact with followers, making sure they are always seeing new messages about what’s going on.

Not Too Wordy

While plenty of text is going out over the Facebook and Twitter feeds for the Hillary Clinton campaign, you won’t see much on the website’s home page itself. There are fewer than ten complete sentences on the page, but they are sufficient to make the point: Hillary Clinton is running for President, and she wants your support. This minimal approach is right in line with the current Charleston web development trends toward mobile design and promoting photos and graphics over blocks of text.

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