Why Fonts Matter in Charleston, SC Web Design

///Why Fonts Matter in Charleston, SC Web Design


Why Fonts Matter in Charleston, SC Web Design

Font, or “typeface,” is one of those little parts of life that most of us barely notice and hardly ever address directly. We tend to use the fonts that our word processors select for us by default, and we aren’t conscious of the font on a website unless it makes it hard for us to read the content. In Charleston, SC web design, however, every detail matters. We think hard about what typeface we use, and some current trends are making it difficult to figure out which one is best in any given context.

Intended to Be a Background Feature

Make no mistake—a Charleston, SC web design expert doesn’t want you to visit his site and instantly say, “Wow! That’s a beautiful typeface; it makes me want to see what this company has to offer.” The perfect typeface is the one that doesn’t distract from the content it communicates, but rather subtly enhances its message.

Trends that Affect Typeface

The font that your website’s content is written in is part of the information that you have to provide when someone wants to view the site. If you’re trying to provide that information in the wrong way, the viewer could see garbled text, or the page could take far too long to load. In addition, designers selecting font need to think about whether it will be easily readable on small screens (phones and tablets) as well as large computer monitors.

Lots to Think About

Imagine the amount of work it takes to create a new font—the artist has to create uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, symbols, and maybe even characters from other languages. Now, experts in Charleston, SC web design have even more to think about when choosing a typeface that will function in an effective yet unnoticed way in multiple viewing formats.


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