Local Charleston SEO Pays Off Even More

//Local Charleston SEO Pays Off Even More

Local Charleston SEO Pays Off Even More

This past March, Google reported an interesting piece of information: within the past year, the number of searches including the words “near me” or “nearby” doubled. This report should be a wake-up call for any local businesses that aren’t already heavily incorporating local Charleston SEO practices!

GPS Changes SEO

Just a decade or so in the past, typing “Mexican restaurants near me” into a smartphone’s browser and getting valuable search results was science fiction. The miniaturization and increased affordability of GPS technology has made this kind of convenience possible, and businesses that want to attract the attention of mobile searchers can’t afford to ignore it. Charleston SEO keywords should be expertly incorporated into your main website, Facebook page, and Google+ profile and business listing to make sure that your business shows up at the top of those local searches.

Capitalizing on Search Results

One major goal of your Charleston SEO expert is to get your business to appear in those critical first few search results. But that’s not his only goal. Here are a few other important ones:

  • Your search result listing concisely and clearly explains what your business does and why the searcher should inquire further. This could include star ratings, whether you are currently open for business, and a “call” option in the search results.
  • When the searcher clicks through to your main website, it is mobile-friendly and satisfies the searcher’s need for more detailed information.
  • Everything associated with your website and search result listing works to move the searcher toward a purchase or a visit to your location.

Don’t Let the Local SEO Trend Leave You Behind!

With “nearby” and “near me” searches doubling in a year’s time, it’s obvious that local SEO is a trend that your business can’t afford to ignore. Ask us about optimizing your website and external accounts to reach local potential customers.

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