2020 Hamlin Plantation Board Candidate Bios

Domenic S. Grillo

I have lived in Hamlin Plantation for nine years. Prior to moving here, I lived in Charleston National, where I served on the Board of Directors as President and as an at large member. Before I moved to this area, I was President of the Board of Directors for my Condominium in Alexandria, Virginia. I am also past Chair and member of the Architectural Review Board here in Hamlin.

I am retired from Fannie Mae in Washington, D.C. My longest held position there and my last one was Chief of Staff and Operations Director of the Law and Policy Division of 350+ employees. I reported directly to an Executive Vice President. My duties included directing the Division Budget, overseeing support personnel, and working directly with Human Resources, Finance and all of the Fannie Mae Divisions. I also served as President of the Fannie Mae Credit Union and Chairman of the Help the Homeless Committee.

I would want to serve on the Hamlin Board to contribute in any way that I can to work to keep Hamlin Plantation the respected and admired community that it is. I stay very involved in all aspects of our neighborhood, attend Board meetings, and am currently serving on the Community Guidelines Committee. One of my goals, if elected to the Board, would be to engage more of our resident homeowners in the business of the community. There is always room for improvement in our neighborhoods, and it will take the involvement of more residents to make this happen.

I am a veteran Army Officer, and I served a tour in Vietnam.  I attended Officer Candidate School at Fort Benning, Georgia, and taught tactics there as well.

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Rob Byers

  • My family and I have lived in Hamlin for 5+ years.
  • I have worked as an architect and designer for 25+ years, I have a strong design aesthetic and want to keep Hamlin looking beautiful.
  • In my day to day work, I manage multiple projects, coordinate contractors and construction trades, and create and follow long term budgets.
  • I thoroughly understand land use and zoning requirements, and how they relate to the community.
  • Was an active member of the Hamlin ARB, later taking over leadership for 2 years.
  • Was previously a member of the HOA Board so I understand some the internal workings of a community board.
  • After leaving HOA Board, I continued to represent the community by going to monthly meetings and speaking up with concerns.
  • I want to increase resident participation by polling community for wants and needs.
  • I believe it is very important to promote better board communication and financial transparency, and to give the community an opportunity to be involved in spending and setting the yearly budget.
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Holly Forester-Bennett

4116 Whiting St

I’ve been a member of the Hamlin family for nearly 17 years. I’m a former Contracts Specialist and Financial Analyst for Federal programs and want to use that knowledge and experience to benefit our community. I’m a member of our fantastic neighborhood social committee and a huge advocate of our successful swim team and tennis teams.

My husband and I love to travel (you can follow us on Instagram at Wandering_Cats – because we took our 2 cats around the country with us and we like catamarans😊 ) but of all the places we’ve been my favorite place in the world is Whiting St!

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Dana Keys

My name is Dana Keys. I live in the Waverly with my husband and 3 sons. We have lived in Hamlin for the past 9 years and I couldn’t think of a better neighborhood to live in or represent. My children have swum on the swim team and I play tennis for Hamlin.

I have been on the Hamlin Plantation HOA board as secretary for the past 4 years and would love to continue to serve the community. Representing this multigenerational neighborhood has shown me just how unique our community is. The way that our neighbors come together in times of need is like no other.

Previous leadership opportunities that I have held include being the President of the Greater Washington (Maryland, Virginia, Washington DC) Reading Council, President of Highland Park/Overly knolls Home Owners Association, Secretary for Jennie Moore Elementary’s PTA Board, Adjunct professor of Education for The University of Virginia, Virginia Tech and George Mason University. Hamlin’s Social Committee.My philosophy as a board member is that It is imperative to have open communication, transparency and to be the ears of the neighborhood. We represent you.

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Jerry M Freedman

  • RESIDENCE: Hamlin Plantation resident since October 2015; moved from Albuquerque, NM.
  • FAMILY: Married, Mary C. Freedman, One adult daughter, Deborah Elder, two grandsons.
  • EDUCATION: Bachelors and Masters in Mechanical Engineering; The University of New Mexico; Engineering PhD Northwestern University, Evanston, IL.

— Senior Manager, Sandia National Laboratories Albuquerque NM.

— Deputy Assistant to the Secretary of Defense, Pentagon.

— Office Director at U.S. Dept of Energy Washington, DC with technical and direct financial responsibility to the Congress for projects of $1B.

— Consultant to the Dept of Energy, 2008-present.


—  Vice President of Virginia Square Condominium BOD, Arlington, VA, 2002-2006

—  President of Arroyo del Oso, Homeowners Association, Albuquerque, NM, 2008-2014

—  Member Hamlin Plantation Finance Committee, 2016-Present.


— Ensure that Hamlin Plantation remains an impressive, highly desirable place to live.

— Maintain Hamlin assets by exercising fiscal responsibility and prudent risk management.

— Work to complete Covenants and By-Laws revision to address today’s BoD responsibilities, Hamlin issues, and provide residents an opportunity for  input.


Jeff Weinman

I am seeking the privilege of continuing to serve our community by being re­ elected to the Board.

I have had the honor of serving our community for four years.  For my first three years, I served as the Board’s Treasurer.  This year I have the honor of serving as your President.

I believe we have a great community with a strong financial footing.  I believe the job of your Board is to keep our community vibrant, make sure the needs of our community and owners are being met, and to ensure the community is financially stable.

We are fortunate in Hamlin – our owners care deeply about the community.  With 860+ owners, this means we are not all going to agree on everything all of the time.  As President this year, I have strived to remain the neutral party required of the office, ensure differences of opinion are valued and that all owners are treated with respect.  I honestly believe we develop better solutions when we listen to each other and formulate the best ideas from multiple sources into one solution.

I am retired, having worked 36 years for Cigna. For my last 15 years at Cigna I was the CFO for Cigna’s life insurance and investment businesses.  My wife, Sue, and I moved to Hamlin 5 ½ years ago and we love living in Hamlin Plantation and love the Charleston area.  We have one son who lives in Savannah and one son who lives in New York City with his wife and our first grandson.

I also serve as President of my Congregation and volunteer as an usher at the Gaillard Center.

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