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At Coastal Web Team, we work with you one-on-one to grow your business through on-target, online marketing strategies. We are a full-service web design company, website development, digital and inbound marketing agency. We’re the leading online marketing agency in Charleston South Carolina for web design, web development, search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC) management, targeted ad displays, social media marketing (SMM), and much more.

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Five Practical Benefits of a Professional Website2020-04-11T09:08:07+00:00

The contemporary digital world would not allow you to survive without a website. 

No matter if you are a startup or an established business, a professionally designed website must be your first investment. When around 4.5 billion internet users are scrolling their smartphones for information, you cannot afford to have your business unreachable. 

If you are thinking of your existing website, make sure it is professionally curated. Every site cannot resemble the characteristics of a well-built and responsive website. Avail the best web design services Charleston, if you want to upgrade your current website to a professional one. 

What makes a website professional?

The future of your business lies in the hands of your website. How it looks and behaves after a user visits it determines how far it can serve them. People are swift to switch between services if they don’t get satisfaction. It makes the competition even tougher over the web. 

A professional website design Charleston incorporates functionalities that make it stand out from the crowd. Apart from being responsive, it reflects the authenticity of your business. 

You can label your website as professional if:

  • It is mobile optimized, rendering a robust resolution on every device screen
  • The visitors find it clean and precise
  • It has an easy-to-navigate layout that does not mislead your audience
  • You create content that builds trust 
  • It has the right SEO practices implemented

Here are five ways a professional website can benefit you 

  • The best first impression

 Many websites, similar to your business, are flooding over the internet. Your target audience may not identify your organization among the crowd if you have a usual website. 

Also, when a user clicks on your site, they expect something better than their other experiences. A professional website provides them exactly with what they want. It creates a long-lasting impression on their minds. 

The very first visit of a customer on your website must be so impactful, that it forces them to return for a repurchase. Amateur and unresponsive sites cannot make it. You need something that can stand over the expectations of your audience, knowing what they are looking for. Professional websites create a permanent stamp of your business in your visitors’ perceptions. 

Having an impressive web design Charleston SC can help you attract more visitors to your website. It exhibits professionalism, a necessity that makes businesses gain an edge in the competition.  

  • Proof for authenticity

 When a user visits a business, they are always worried about its credibility. Online scams make it impossible for consumers to trust an organization quickly. They have concerns about their safety and the existence of a particular company. 

If you are not a brick and mortar business, proving your reliable presence to your audience can be challenging. Also, serving overseas itself arises a significant trust issue among the users. 

Professional websites act as legal evidence of your presence in the market. They are the virtual address of your organization that gives it an identity. The “About Us” and “Contact Us” pages on your website inform the audience of what you are and how to reach you. 

Even a social media page cannot prove your identity as a trusted organization. You need a professional website with an engaging “Home” page that portrays your brand along with creating a powerful reputation.  

  • Higher online visibility

 A website performs well on the internet if it can rank on the first pages of search engines. Google places your website on the top of its search results if your site passes its search algorithm. It must have the potential to make a robust online presence in the market. 

With a professional website, online visibility comes served on your plate already. Optimized web pages by smarter SEO techniques help to improve your search rankings. Engaging content spreads a good word about your business, welcoming more people to your website. 

Apart from this, a professional website is far away from the conventional 9 to 5 business formulae. It is available 24/7 for your potential customers to get in touch with you. Even if you are a brick and mortar business, a professional web design Charleston SC enables you to connect with your local customers anytime, anywhere.  

  • Relationship and promotion comes along

 Professional websites do not just hover over the profit perspective. They aim at making customers have trust in the business, which comes with building strong relationships. When the users have faith that the company understands their demands and serves accordingly, they take a step forward. 

Informative blogs are the best bet when you want to take your relationship further. A professional website educates people about your business in a way that gives a solution to their problems. 

When people start trusting your business, they will convert. You can apply an 80% information, and 20% promotion rule in your content to maintain a perfect balance. Professionally built websites invite considerable traffic through social media platforms. Even your blog can turn out to be a significant traffic driver for your website if you present it that way. 

You must know how to put your site to work intelligently so that it promotes your business while being informative at the same time.  

  • Excellent revenue generation

 A professional website amazingly fulfills the solemn purpose of generating revenue for the business. From authentic webpages and engaging content, it provides a user with exactly what they need to make a buying decision. All the elements of the site work towards persuading the visitors to buy from you. 

Call to Actions, social shares, and support options direct them clearly to the next stage. Booking consultations, getting quotes, sending inquiries are all just a click away. Everything is available right on the go!

Professionally crafted eCommerce websites provide easy check-in/check-out and payment options. There is no way a potential buyer could stop to give a second thought. It is the robust functionality of a professional web design that attracts more customers and hence, more revenue for your business. 

A great business is incomplete without professionalism. Your website also exhibits the same behavior. Get in touch with the best web design services Charleston SC to instill the skills of professionals in your website. 

At Coastal Web Team, we are committed to building sleek, user-friendly,  and high-converting websites. Contact us to reveal the full potential of your business.

How Long-Tail Keywords can Support your SEO Campaign?2020-07-27T13:25:55+00:00

When you create a keyword strategy for your SEO campaign, understanding the user intent should be your first priority. 

When people enter a search query, they don’t think about the exact words they should use. They just type the whole question that comes in their mind. For example, to find a digital marketing company Charleston, people try something like, “the best digital marketing company in Charleston.” 

Further, in the time of voice search, using long queries is not a big deal. Here’s where long-tail keywords win the game. 

What Are Long-Tail Keywords?

Long-tail keywords are 3-5 word phrases that intend to gather significant traffic around your website. They target a specific segment instead of mass audiences. The aim is to match the exact search intent of people and provide them with the relevant information right away. 

How can long-tail keywords benefit your SEO campaign? Read on to follow. 

High Probability of Conversion

Long-tail keywords are highly specific. They help you identify the current stage of a buyer’s journey. The searches with long-tail keywords signify the exact problem of the audience and don’t revolve around general topics. 

If you provide SEO services, ranking for anything mentioning “South Carolina” won’t work well. But “SEO services Charleston” will surely do. Businesses looking for such companies are highly likely to convert when search engines direct them to your website. As an advantage, you would rank for short-tail keywords also. How will it happen?

When your website earns high rankings for niche-specific keywords, you acquire more traffic. As the traffic increases, there are more backlinks to your site, which in turn proves your website a niche authority. Your site, therefore, gets ranking for the competitive short-tail keywords. 

Long-Tail Keywords Outrank

There’s a tough competition for generic or single-word head terms. Top rankings for short-tail keywords is not a piece of cake. For example, the competition for searches like “Artificial Intelligence” is higher than for “AI.” Although the average monthly searches may be more, they do not imply the exact search intent. 

The searchers may be simply exploring the AI industry. But if you are actually willing to sell AI products, then you must refine your keyword. “Best AI products,” “top AI products,” etc. will outrank the generic term AI or Artificial Intelligence. 

This way, long-tail keywords will help you get the right traffic to your website. Overtaking the competition, they earn you high rankings with or without on-site optimization. 

Powers Blog Content 

Content marketing is an integral part of SEO services Charleston

Your deliberate intention of generating traffic around your website is at the peak when you produce great content. The best way to do this is to win the race with your blog.

Hubspot suggests that you should create at least 20 blog posts in a month if you aim to raise traffic numbers. Also, niche blogs are a chance to increase conversion rates with your content. Now, when we talk about niche audiences, long-tail keywords must be part of your keyword strategy. You can target these keywords on your blog for more traffic. 

Blogs are the only way you can best utilize long-tail keywords. Understand search intent, pick up appropriate long-tail keywords, and curate high-quality blog posts with them. You can add tons of relevant traffic to your site. 

Brings in Targeted Traffic

As per leading digital marketing companies in Charleston, long-tail keywords can ideally help you to attract your targeted audience.  

The competition can be fierce for rankings with short-tail keywords, but ROI is significantly low. Why? The visits to your site may not be purchase-intended. The searcher is maybe at the awareness stage when they hit your site. It takes time to head towards the final buying decision. 

In the case of long-tail keywords, the competition is less, but the ROI is comparatively more. How? Search queries with these keywords have a clear intention to buy a product or service. You don’t have to wait for your visitors to reach the decision stage. Also, there’s no need for additional efforts to drive them to the sales funnel. 

With long-tail keywords, you are attracting the audience that is actually interested in your product. You will get the prospects you were exactly looking for. It will take them closer to the purchase point, thereby refining your SEO campaigns.

Long-Tail Keywords Are The Best Bet For Voice Searches

The compatibility with voice searches would decide the future of your SEO campaigns from 2020. As we mentioned in the beginning, voice searches are ruling over the hearts of audiences. Tighten up your SEO strategy for voice search this 2020. Gartner’s prediction for 30% of voice searches to be without a screen has turned into reality. 

Winning over the era of voice search is impossible without long-tail keywords. The reason – a typical voice query consists of more than four words, that is, a long-tail keyword. A business owner when using Siri, Alexa, Google Assistant, or Amazon Echo to hire an SEO company Charleston, their query would be, “Which is the best SEO company in Charleston?”, “What are the top SEO companies of South Carolina”? and alike. 

If you fail to optimize your website for voice searches, you can imagine how much you’re going to lose on your potential audience. But, if you strategize your long-tail keywords smartly, your website will get top rankings for voice searches.

Way to Featured Snippets

Another way to secure higher rankings and more traffic for your website are through featured snippets. People are more inclined towards a featured snippet on the SERPs. How to grab placement under the snippets – Long-tail keywords. Optimizing your site for these keywords increases your chance to rank for these snippets.

Long-tail keywords exhibit the relevancy of your content, which is vital for higher ranks in the featured snippet. They reveal exactly what the user asks a search engine. You can even leverage the extra traffic powered by featured snippets if you target long-tail keywords. 

The Takeaway

Brainstorming long-tail keywords and implementing them strategically in your SEO campaigns will work better under the assistance of professionals. Hire an SEO specialist that looks into your business model and designs a perfect SEO campaign for you. 

We, at Coastal Web Team, achieve this perfection with our qualified experts and custom SEO services Charleston. Visit us here to hit the market with an excellent SEO campaign.

How to Carry Out a Super Successful Video Marketing Campaign?2020-08-11T11:59:25+00:00

“We are operating in a world where one good video can lead to a massive social following.”- Mike Henry.

Videos are a great way to humanize your brand and engage buyers by sharing influencing stories that grip them.

Many studies suggest that visual stories often resonate with the audience and compel them to explore a brand’s mission, products, and services. In fact, it is a well-established fact that consumers would prefer watching a five-minute video over a print ad or blog.

As videos are an easy tool to capture the attention of the target audience, many brands are putting their heart and soul in launching successful video marketing campaigns. Both startups and enterprises are collaborating with agencies that offer quality video marketing services to nurture engagement and boost the sales of their offerings.

In this blog, we have listed some tested ways to carry out a successful video marketing campaign. Have a read and know how to go big with you next video promotion gig –

A Good Story is All Your Audience is Looking For

A common blunder most brands do while marketing through videos is focussing solely on the idea of selling their products rather than engaging their customers.

Although branded videos work 46% of the time to entice the viewer into buying a product, building a brand connection is essential in the long run.

Focusing solely on branding or sales fails the whole purpose of using video marketing as a medium to build brand value. Businesses should instead aim to grasp the attention of the viewers through engaging video content. Through your video content, try to invoke a strong emotion in your viewers to make it more impactful.

Form an instant connection with the audience by offering them stories they remember for a long time.

One touching video marketing campaign successfully carried out by Coca Cola was the “The last customer” during the Christmas season. It has been rated as one of the most uplifting videos of all time.

So focus on a good story and see how your campaign creates a positive impact on your brand rapport and bottom-line profit.

Laughter is the Best Marketing!

If your ad campaign can make your audience laugh their hearts out, you have won them already. Make sure the video is one that forces people to play it again and again!

The way you present your brand tells a lot about it. So, you must keep all the traditional and boring ad campaigns at bay.

Humorous videos are quite trendy, and they can be the kick that your brand needs right now. Be the reason behind someone’s laughter, and they will be the reason behind your success!

Choose Your Target Audience

The video marketing campaign must relate to the segment your brand is targeting. Do some brainstorming on the following points-

  • The age group that your product tends to cater to
  • Ad campaigns that are currently on display for similar products
  • What is the target audience response to such campaigns?
  • What new can you offer?

Sometimes your product might be for one segment, but the video marketing strategy is formed to cover some other context. Create a buyer persona and make sure to stick with it to achieve dramatic results.

Say, a company comes out with a new line of baby shampoo. Undoubtedly, the toddler won’t be the one influenced by watching your ad. In such cases, videos shall target the parental segment and accordingly come out with engaging campaigns that are able to strike the right chords!

Include Call to Actions

Including a call to action (CTAs) is an excellent SEO practice and helps you generate traffic by ranking your video higher in the search results. CTA’s calling viewers to-

  • Subscribe by clicking the bell icon,
  • Commenting on your video,
  • Sharing your video
  • Follow us
  • And more…

Make sure you choose your CTA strategy wisely.

You can use them at the beginning, middle, or at the end of your video. However, a research conducted by Wistia suggests that CTA at the center has the highest conversion rate of 16.95%, so now you know where you can reap maximum benefits from.

Collaborating With Other Brands and Influencers

It is seen that the brand is perceived as a genuine one when a trusted third party recommends it rather than a brand itself promoting the products.

“A brand is no longer what we tell the consumer it is–it is what consumers tell each other it is.”– Says CEO of Intuit, Scott Cook.

H&M is an excellent example of using the services of brand influencers that have made them one of the largest followed fashion brands on social media today.

Julie Sariñana and model Ela Velden were the two renowned fashion bloggers with whom H&M partnered for its fall 2017 catalog who promoted the brand through different social media platforms. In 2019 H&M launched Itsapark, a platform where people post fashion queries and get answers from stylish young women, in the form of Instagram posts & videos.

These videos are captioned with style tips and links to buy the same from H&M and its subsidiary brands, which further helps in generating traffic to their website.

H&M is only one of many brands using the services of influencers,  and we see the possibility of numbers moving higher in the near future.

We hope these video marketing hacks help you in devising a successful campaign for your brand. However, you can also collaborate with experienced video marketing agencies for professional help.

Winding Up

With the rise in the number of YouTube and Instagram users, the consumption of video content has gone up. An expert in the field is always in a better position to understand the market and can help you devise a result-oriented video marketing strategy. Make sure you hire an agency that is experienced in offering the best video marketing services.

At Coastal Web Team, our experts are competent enough to take care of all your digital marketing queries. We have emerged as the leading service provider for digital marketing needs in Charleston, South Carolina. The video marketing campaigns carried out by our team have helped our clients tremendously in the past, and we hope of moving forward on the same path.

If you wish to get your video marketing campaign professionally devised, visit our experts here.

Guide to Start and Promote A New Business In South Carolina2020-04-06T10:09:18+00:00

Is your homemade BBQ sauce becoming so popular that you think you could make money from selling it? If that’s the case, it might be time to start a business. No matter what niche you’ve noticed in the market, starting a new business venture is exciting but it also takes some work.

South Carolina is one of the best states to start your new company. It’s rich in culture and the people form a tight community. In fact, 50 percent of the businesses in South Carolina are small ones. It’s even one of the top places that millennials are moving to. The best part is that South Carolina makes it easy to start and promote your new business.

We’ll tell you everything you need to know to make your business a success. If you follow our advice, your business won’t disappear off the map.

How to Start A New Business

The guidelines for starting a new business are different in every state. We’ve summarized the basics to make the process easier for you.

Create A Business Plan

Before you can officially start your business, you need to create a business plan. Without a business plan, your venture is more likely to fail. You need to know exactly what you’re selling as well as who’s in charge. It’s also important to consider a marketing strategy so that you can create a customer base once your business is running.

License Your Business

You need to register your business so that it can operate legally. In order to do this, you need to consider a company name that’s easy to remember and makes an impact. Once you’ve selected one, you must register the name to find out if it’s available.

Another factor you must consider is what type of business you’re running. Now that you’ve registered your name and decided what business structure you’d prefer, you need to license it so it’s a legal company. In South Carolina, you need to register your business if you’re earning whether from retail or direct customer dealing, it must be filed with the state.

Register for Taxes

Your business must be registered for taxes if you want to prevent it from being shut down. The good news is that most businesses in South Carolina enjoy a pass through but be sure to read all about it. Taxes are meant to help the community so by paying your taxes you give your business validity. Luckily, in South Carolina business tax is as low as 5%.

Research Employee Regulations

In order for your business to function efficiently, you must understand employee guidelines and regulations. This will ensure that your relationship with your employees stays strong and that you and your employees are treated fairly.

How to Promote Your New Business

Now that your business is officially running, you need to market it in order to build up a customer base. The best way to do this as a small business in South Carolina is to create an online presence. Here are a few tips on how to make your company well known.

Establish Your Identity

Your business needs to present an image of itself to your audience members that speaks to their values and desires. The foundation of this identity begins with your logo design as well as your website design. The colors, font and imagery you choose for your logo design will be the foundation of your brand identity and attract a certain target market. Your goal is to draw in customers who are most likely to buy your product.

Consider using imagery and colors that will cause an emotional response. Because South Carolina is one of the most patriotic states in the US, representing your own patriotism may appeal to a larger crowd.

Start A Newsletter

Email marketing is considered one of the most successful ways of earning a profit on advertising investments. About 89% of people who use newsletters as a marketing tool have claimed that it’s effective when it comes to maintaining their customer base.

Websites such as Campaign Monitor and MailChimp make it easy to create dynamic newsletters. These platforms give business owners a variety of ways to reach customers and draw people to their websites.

Embrace Social Media

Social media has become the most popular platform for marketing your business. About 3.2 billion people worldwide use social media which equates to 42% of the population. This means that with effective social media marketing you can reach a global audience from the comfort of your home in South Carolina.

In fact, 73% of social media marketers have found success by using this platform for advertising. By creating intriguing posts and updates, you’re more likely to gain attention from the right groups of people. This is also another way to share your business identity with your selected target market.

Optimize Your SEO

If customers are looking for your product or services, you want your website to be the first one that shows up on a Google search list. The only way to achieve this is by optimizing your SEO. Starting a blog is a fun way to draw people to your webpage. If your website gets more clicks, Google will rate you as being more authoritative on the subject.

By using keywords that people search for more regularly in your blogs, you’re more likely to have a high rating on Google. Linking to other authoritative pages is also a useful way to optimize your SEO.

The more people who visit your website, the higher the chances of them buying your product.

Final Thoughts

Starting a business is the easy part. It’s promoting your company that takes a lot of work. Your business should embody the South Carolina motto, “To be rather than to seem”. The ultimate goal when it comes to promoting your business is to make it stand out. New startups are popping up every day. So, which of these tips will you use to be better than the rest?

Author Bio

Alicia Rother is a freelance content strategist who works with small businesses and startups to boost their brand reach through creative content design and write-ups. You can connect with her here.

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