Paid Online Advertising Specialists in Charleston, South Carolina

Digital advertising is about the right message at the right times to the right audience. We’re a PPC and paid ad agency that can build and monitor your online advertising campaigns. Your paid campaigns, such as Google AdWords, are optimized to meet your goals including quality traffic, ROI, and conversion-based goals. Also, we provide detailed analytics reporting on the performance of the campaign and improvement opportunities.

PAY PER CLICK (PPC) Management in Charleston, SC

Kick-start your businesses with creative PPC campaigns and
get an instant lead for your product or services.

In this adverse competitive world, the success of a business is highly reliant on
sales and profits. Since the majority of customers prefer to search, research,
and compare online before coming to any purchase decision, for a business
there’s a huge opportunity to maximize sales and boost profits immensely. But
to make this happen, you need to put your brand in front of interested
prospects (target audience). This is exactly where the Pay Per Click
Management comes into existence i.e. sending the right message to the right
user and at the right time.
Coastal Web Team, a leading organization for PPC management in Charleston
SC, is being managed by a team of proficient marketers that understand the
customer psychology and design the campaigns with relevant keywords; giving you a favorable impact at minimum time.
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1. One Top Solution for PPC and Paid Ad

The unique facet of the Coastal Web Team is in its capability to offer
impeccable paid ad solutions by covering the entire possible traffic source. This
includes- Google Adwords, Social media promotion, Retargeting PPC Campaign,
Display Advertising, Affiliate marketing and many more.

2. Committed to yield positive ROI for your business

Digital advertising campaigns are creatively formulated to target the right
audience. Our PPC and paid marketing team optimize the ad to meet the
business goals. This includes- quality traffic, ROI and maximum conversion. The
detailed analytics report on paid campaigns allows us to maintain absolute
transparency and helps in further improvising.
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3. Accurate keyword research and phrase

Ad campaigns optimized with the right words always drive a powerful impact.
Our team is well-versed with tools like- Google keyword planner, webmaster,
Google Trends, Bing Ads, Yahoo Ads, and other research & analytic tools. With
thorough analysis, we then design the ad campaign by estimating the monthly
search volumes and click-through rate.

4. Result-oriented Campaigns & Ads

Creative campaigns to seize the interest of customers. After keyword
research, we create an exclusive campaign with eye-catching titles and creative
visual themes. The compelling aspect stands out your ads innovatively and
persuades maximum users to click or come at your dedicated business website.
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5. Creating Immersive Landing Page

The ad is the gateway to your business website and landing page is where we
spark magic. Your Ads usually inform users about ‘whatever you are willing to
sell’ whereas landing page provides them value. Landing pages are usually
tailored as per the ad campaign and include content that emphasizes business
products or services.

6.  Redefining the success ratio

Once the Ad is live, our team monitors the performance and undertakes
necessary changes for better results. This further allows us to improvise and
gain better results in terms of: – form submissions, online sales, ads CTA, and
conversions. The analysis and adjustments are necessary to take corrective
measures for maximum traffic, High CTR, better conversion and cost per
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Give your business a first mover advantage.

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