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At Coastal Web Team, the client project is being managed by a team of digital marketers that are well-versed with Search Engine Optimization, SEO. We analyze the competition as per your business or brand niche in the target location. With thorough analysis, we come up with an effective strategy to gain broader presence over internet and drive maximum traffic. Our extensive strategies happen in the midst of website optimization (on-page and off-page), content creation, relevant keywords, citation management and many other terminologies.

Increase Your Visibility

Coastal Web Team search engine optimization (SEO) is an amalgamation with content marketing service which increases the “Organic” traffic and delivers high-quality targeted traffic to your website.

Our SEO experts follow webmaster guidelines to improve your search engines ranking and strategize as per your product or service. We conduct prudent SEO techniques that yield better ranking over search engines but also ensure you maximum output in less amount of time.

On-page optimization

1. Website & SEO Audit

Checking Your Website’s “Health”

For better SEO, your website needs to be SEO friendly. Only then would it be able to index properly and rank as per the targeted keywords. Our team first understands your business marketing goals and then resolves the technical issue for your site. It includes accurate optimization of on-page elements and off-page elements which indeed serve as a blueprint for your overall SEO strategy.

2. On-Page SEO

Website Turbo-Charging

On-page optimization, also known as the on-site optimization, is mainly associated with the website related factors. These factors can be- page load speed, SEO content, coding, keywords, tag optimization and many more. Our team uses the SEO audit to analyze where the site is lacking and take corrective action to transform your website into a winning platform.

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3. Relevant Inbound Link Building

Creating Paths to Your Website

A good genuine backlink really come in handy in ranking the entire website. Our SEO expert focuses on the creation of good-quality inbound links that are relevant to your business niche and point toward your website. We do this by assorting the related platform and then creating classified, bookmarking, guest posts, and content posts to uplift the site popularity and authority.

4.  Local SEO

Promoting Your Website for Local Searches

For a business that is not global, we make them thrive locally. It is an effective way to optimize your website and rank for local audiences. Local SEO is a search engine strategy as per your operating region and target audience. We take advantage of various search engines like- Google, Bing, Yandex or Yahoo, including business directories like Yelp, Foursquare, maps and many more.

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5. Content Marketing

Building Website Reputation

In SEO strategy, content is the king and plays a crucial role in making your website found. Since consumer search and research a lot on the internet before coming to any purchase decision, content marketing serves as a gateway for keyword ranking, customer engagement, providing product & service information, building trust and relevancy.

6.  Measuring, Analyzing & Reporting

Tracking Your Website’s Performance

Our SEO team prepares an audit report and analyzes them, on a continuous basis, for further improvement. We give you extensive information and data related to your website such as- site traffic, bounce rate, session duration, error code, paid advertising, social media traffic, etc. We then further use these data and information to monitor the SEO efforts and ensure that everything is working as per the plan.

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Our SEO experts are working to build a reputation to achieve profitable results, even in the most competitive environment, individual client at a time.

SEO Case Study

The key focus is to increase organic traffic with insightful content and encourage user to stay; adding value and persuading them to take action (like CTA, purchase or subscribe).

Our team pays special attention to traffic and bounce rate. With search engine optimization and extensive online competitor analysis (including keyword and key phrase research), we deliver excellent improvement with quality backlinks and content creation. One can see the result in below graph where we conducted local directory optimization, content creation and quality backlink. The ultimate outcome was increase in site traffic by 342%.

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Increase In Site Traffic


Decrease In Bounce Rate


Increase In Conversions

Dominate The Online World.

Strategize your business precisely in the midst of professional guidance and customized quotation. Our SEO experts analyze your business site and come up with result-driven strategy to boost your online presence.