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Videos have become the next big thing in digital marketing. Given the fact that almost 88% of website users prefer spending more time watching videos, businesses cannot undermine the importance of videos in grabbing user’s attention. Since videos are capable of stimulating the viewers through sound and visuals, it is much more efficient at communicating a message. These factors work best in evoking an emotional connection with the users and converting them into long-lasting consumers. 

As a brand, leveraging this powerful marketing tool is very easy and highly rewarding. Several platforms allow a brand to upload videos and reach out to the desired audience. However, like any other marketing, video marketing also requires proven expertise and tactical planning. 

Coastal Web Team is a reputed digital marketing agency offering complete video marketing services. We have been serving brands and businesses in Charleston, SC area and beyond for years and helping them find new consumers. Our innovative storytelling methods have enabled brands to put their message in front of their desired audience and provoke them to take set actions. 

As a full video marketing agency, we offer a wide range of video production services to our patrons. Through our Mt. Pleasant, SC office we serve local as well as global clientele. Contact our video marketers to discuss your video marketing needs and get ready to drive more business. 

What is Video Marketing? 

Video marketing is one of many ways used to promote brand and businesses like yours.  Video marketing is a creative tool to create brand awareness or drive sales. 

Most of the times, the sole purpose of video marketing is to engage viewers and keep them hooked to a brand instead of converting them into a consumer. Businesses also rely on videos to understand what their consumers are looking for and use this insight to produce better products. 

Social media channels like Facebook and Instagram are a few platforms through which brands are increasingly reaping good results, engaging new consumers, and improving ROI. 

However, for a video to go viral and produce the desired impact on its viewers, it should be shot in high resolution and should be no more than 60 seconds in length. Professionally shot videos with compelling storylines can have a positive effect on the viewers. It is a great marketing tool to initiate engagement. 

Creative Videos to Engage and Win More Customers

When it comes to the message, it should be informative and at the same time engaging to the viewers. Plain videos with just brand messages are more likely to fail. While being promotional in nature, your videos should be emotionally appealing to the viewers. Audio is a crucial element of video marketing that plays a significant role in making it effective. When producing videos, give equal emphasis on the quality of the audio input. 

Active Video Production and Distribution

Video production is only the first step in video marketing. Video distribution is another step that is as important. Without a strong video distribution channel, your video marketing efforts will reap no results. Having a strong video dissemination strategy is essential to ensure the video is seen by maximum people and evoke the desired response. 

At Coastal Web Team, our creative video marketing team is well-equipped to undertake video marketing efforts and strategize video distribution. Our experts have the knowledge required to produce power brand stories, create effective channels for distribution, and measure results. 

Why Should You Invest in Video Marketing?

Did you know 66.66 % of users are more likely to make an online purchase after watching the brand videos?

Videos have transformed into a creative gateway that foster consumer-brand interaction, generate leads, yield CTR, establishes brand credibility, and improve sales. 

In today’s digitally-driven marketing world, compelling videos have the potential to maximize brand exposure and tactfully accomplish marketing goals. Videos have tremendous potential to – 

1. Make Your Brand Visible to Others

Brands often find it hard to initiate a conversation with their consumers and create a lasting impression. Small businesses usually struggle to create a buzz and establish their brand in a saturated market. Such businesses can benefit from video marketing.

Videos are a great tool to grab the attention of consumers as well as keep them hooked to the brand. Besides this, it is also effective in building brand trust and creating brand awareness. 

Market studies have documented that professionally created promotional brand videos are effective in instilling desired actions in the viewers and make them familiar to a brand.

2. Effective SEO Tool

Besides grabbing the attention of viewers, videos also attract Google crawlers. Given the fact that Google owns YouTube, it won’t be imperative to say that brands that use embedded YouTube videos in their website enjoys more viewers. Such brands are 50 times more likely to get more exposure than those brands that don’t. 

Getting your videos optimized for search engines is another way to reap maximum viewership and improve conversion rates. Once we have produced the video, we give it an SEO friendly title and description for higher SERP rankings.

3. Build Brand Trust  

Plain marketing texts have become a thing of the past. In today’s generation, where there are a ton of distractions, videos are a smart answer to building brand trust accelerate communication. In less than a minute, a brand can put forth its message and get quick feedback in the form of views, likes, shares, and comments. Such feedback helps them understand their audience better and bring credibility.

4. Higher Recall 

Digital marketing has made it easier for all kinds of brands to market their brands. As a result, social media has become a saturated market place. What you need today is an effective way to build brand recall. Video marketing is one such tool that is 100% efficient at making a brand remembered by the audience. More interesting a brand video, the higher the retention value it will offer. 

At Coastal Web Team, our video marketing experts can help you make the most out of videos and yield high ROI. We would assess your business goals and devise effective strategies to help you get maximum impact from your video marketing efforts. 

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