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At Coastal Web Team, professional web designers and developers help businesses of all shapes and sizes turn their website into a lead generating asset. Our design and development solutions are focused upon turning websites into a responsive tool that boasts gratifying user experience and offers the highest return on investment.

We Help Businesses Attract Leads to Their Website

Websites are the first point of interaction for the majority of consumers in today’s time. A consumer can make a lot about your brand by simply going through your website. And since 95% of consumers are influenced by web design, you must consider adopting a well-designed and highly appealing website for your business.

We at Coastal Web Team know how to create websites that feature the best User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX). We are Charleston’s leading web development team – we understand the requirements of our clients, their target segment, analyze existing competition, and draft and execute strategies that result in the development of a high-performing web asset.

We are located at Mt. Pleasant, SC, we offer our services to a global clientele. Contact or hire web developers to own a website that converts.

You Can Trust Our Web Development Nerds

In recent years, there has been a significant increase in the number of internet users. Consumers don’t just use personal computers to browse the internet for a product. They prefer making a search query via a plethora of devices like smartphones, tablets, and notepads. This has resulted in Google to introduce a mobile-first index.

As a fully-fledged web design solution agency, we are skilled at developing customer-centric and responsive websites. Our certified and skilled team will not only add all the elements that make a website interactive, but we will also make it run smoothly on a mobile device or a tablet.

Our Web Design & Development Approach

Planning for Website Design

1. We Plan Efficiently

Planning and Organizing Are Our Secret Ingredients to Success

Our years of experience in the internet market industry has taught us that each business comes with its own set of needs and requirements. At Coastal Web Team, we take a strategic approach to planning and designing the website once we have understood the client’s requirements. Our web designers customize the designs as per the vision and needs of a business.
Before designing your business website, our team will first conduct a thorough analysis of your business niche, understand buyer persona, study your products and services, and conduct a competitor report. These data and information will allow us to build a website that is a true representation of your brand.
As a leading web design agency, we believe in data-driven internet marketing solutions. Thus, our web designers and developers emphasize more on user experience when designing visually appealing and responsive websites. We also adhere to the latest SEO trends and internet marketing standards to ensure the website is optimized for search engines.

2.Intriguing and Immersive Mockups

We Craft Intuitive Designs to Bring Your Website to Life

Gone are the days when websites used to be basic, text laden web pages made only for sharing texts. With technological advancements and market evolution, websites have turned into a crucial element of internet marketing. A website is a gateway for lead generation, customer engagement, lead acquisition, and brand awareness.
Businesses of today need websites that are impressive to view and interactive to navigate through. Customer satisfaction is a key factor that determines if the website will generate the desired leads or not.
Our extraordinary design creates an indelible impression and generates an immersive reading experience. We take extensive measures while designing the structure and make sure that information is shown in a pleasing manner prior to any information loss.

Website Design Mockup
Website Launch

3.We Test and Then Launch

We Ensure All is Well Before Making a Website Live

Web testing is an essential step in website development. Before making the website live, our experts conduct a thorough quality check to ensure all the elements of the website are properly functioning.
Our QA and testing team performs browser testing, coding testing, performance testing, and analytics testing. After ensuring all the reports are positive, and the website is functioning as per the need, it is made live. Once your website is live, we connect it to the Google Search Console.

4. Website Maintenance Services

We Promise – Your Website Will Be Up and Running 24/7

Our web design services include keeping your website in a working condition at all times. Web maintenance plays a crucial role in identifying issues that could be hindering your internet marketing efforts. To ensure all the elements of your website are functioning optimally, our developers conduct regular site checks. The team promptly resolves any issues occurring on the site.

Website Design Mockup

Why Choose Us?

Experience Matters

From a stunning website to eCommerce platform, community-based application, blogging website and more, we can build all. Our years of expertise in designing a wide variety of websites have established ourselves as a leading website design company in Charleston, SC.

Tailor-made Web Solutions

Whether you are looking for an e-commerce site or a business web page, you can rely on our designing services. We also possess expertise in revamping and optimizing existing sites as per the needs and current SEO trends.

UI & UX Junkies

Websites designed by our team are not only aesthetically pleasing but highly interactive. Our website designs are sure to offer heightened UX and positively impact your business’s bottom line.

We Make Conversion-Ready Websites

A website without content is merely a group of web pages. It is the content that holds the key to turning a website into a lead generating tool. It also helps in getting a website optimized for search engines. Highly optimized web pages with user-centric content will give you optimum reach generate leads.

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Our web design services include WordPress responsive website design, e-commerce solutions, custom programming using PHP, and written copy that is readable, optimized for search engines, and converts viewers into customers.